These shirts save lives, help San Diego kids with cancer

This year, in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we’ve teamed up with The San Diego Hyundai Dealers and Hyundai Hope on Wheels. Join us in making sure all children in San Diego receive Loving Tab Shirts.

Emilio’s​ ​Loving Tabs™ ​shirts are specially designed to facilitate access to medical devices without requiring a scared child to remove their garments. They are made of breathable, soft, and warm cotton fabric. They are designed to easily open with tabs on the shoulder, enabling medical providers to access the permanent catheter port positioned in the child’s chest to receive chemotherapy treatment, take blood samples, and other procedures.

For children, lifting or removing their shirts several times a day for required procedures creates unnecessary stress and fear. Emilio’s​ ​Loving Tabs™ ​shirts​​ ​enable a sense of “normalcy” and comfort when children are receiving grueling chemotherapy.

Emilio’s Loving Tabs​™ shirts are just $​40 eac​h, and for each shirt donated, Hyundai is partnering with you to gift another shirt and make sure each child diagnosed in San Diego receives two shirts.

Supported by the San Diego Hyundai Dealers: