Garett Michaels

Garett Michaels is the Program Director of 100.7 BIG FM, in addition, Garett is the afternoon deejay Monday-Friday 3pm-7pm.  He is a music nerd with a collection containing over 15,000 CDs and nearly 500 vinyl albums.  When not geeking out on music or doing radio stuff, Garett enjoys cooking, gardening, appreciating craft beer and attempting to play guitar.  Aside from a short 3 year exile to Seattle from 2013 to 2016, Garett and his family have lived in San Diego County since 2003 and currently reside in Encinitas.  He believes the California Burrito is a brilliant culinary innovation.


Favorite artists include:

The Clash

Bruce Springsteen

The Beatles

The Police


And too many others to list.