Corey Dylan

After moving away almost 20 years ago, Corey is back home on the Left Coast! She spent the last two decades on the radio in Florida and Georgia while making occasional appearances on TMZ Live! and HSN selling cool tech gadgets. Corey’s sister has lived in Del Mar for nearly 30 years so when she landed the gig at BIG FM Jan 1, 2021 she moved in with family. But her sister said she couldn’t live with them “forever” and she moved to Carlsbad. Little Miss Independent identifies as a ‘late bloomer’ and she’s still on the hunt for her own Mr. Big here in SoCal. When she’s not fixing up her 1980s-era condo she’s out hiking San Diego’s incredible trails or ‘researching’ the best margaritas in town. She keeps a FB food blog called “52 First Bites” to show off local restaurants and a travel group called “Bachelorette Travels.” Corey loves meeting fellow music lovers at shows and festivals and she’ll probably ask to take a pic with you for the ‘gram!


Favorite Artists Include:



Go Go’s

Duran Duran

Depeche Mode