Meet Shane & Buddy

Buddy is a super sweet and spunky West Highland Terrier Mix. We adopted him from the El Cajon shelter after he caught our eye pressing his face against the door of his then room. He’s smaller than our typical dogs in the program but we had a request for a small to medium dog and he passed his evaluation with flying colors so we adopted him into our program! Buddy went through a year of training and once ready, started “dating” eligible veteran students. He met Marine Corps veteran, Shane, and the two hit it off.

The team quickly became best buds and following a 6-month journey of handling training, they graduated in March 2021. Buddy’s journey was generously sponsored by the David C. Copley Foundation.

Shane shares, “When the world is dark and my days are grim, Buddy make sure that I always have a smile on my face and a friend by my side. I’m forever grateful to Shelter To Soldier for affording me that best friend in my life”


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