Meet Richie & Milkdud

Milkdud, nicknamed Emdee, is a gentle and sweet 2-year-old shepherd mix that we adopted from Labs and More Rescue out of San Diego. She’s about 50 pounds, the perfect size for our program and her work as a psychiatric service dog. She is quietly confident and very smart! We are so thankful to be able to give her a new life of purpose as a psychiatric service dog thanks to the support of the Morrow Legacy Foundation! This special girl met and fell head over tails for her Navy veteran dad, Richie.

Richie and Emdee worked diligently for many months together to learn how to communicate with each other, and wow, did they excel. The bond between these two is so special, and the way Richie speaks of her helps us realize they were meant to be. The pair graduated in January this year and have been side by side since.


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