Meet Kristine & Scout

Kristine Wunder was deployed to Iraq to support Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) as a UH-60 Pilot and Battalion Staff Officer. She served four tours in support of OIF at FOB Speicher, Iraq, where she was awarded a Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and an Air Medal.

Kristine was promoted in Iraq to the rank of Major (O4) and served as the Battalion S4, XO, and CO. She retired in 2007 as a Major in Army Aviation (UH-60 Pilot).

Kristine and Scout (her Service Animal) graduated from the Shelter to Soldier program in May 2021. Scout is a Dutch Shepherd mix that the Shelter to Soldier team adopted from Labs and More Rescue under the generous Red Star Sponsorship of Petco Love.

Scout is trained as Kristine’s mobility and psychiatric service dog. He accompanies Kristine in the field on the construction site at the airport T1 project at which Kristine is the Environmental Health and Safety Manager.

Kristine says of Scout, “Scout is my lifesaver and enhances my life and career.  Scout has enabled me to travel (Alaska, Oklahoma, San Francisco, and Arizona) as well as enjoy trips to Disneyland. Shelter to Soldier was introduced to me by a fellow comrade who was in the process of training with his service animal at a Wounded Warrior Project event.  He inspired me and gave me the courage to submit an application.  This in itself was a monumental feat for me at the time. I was welcomed by the entire STS team and quickly became part of the STS family.” 


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