Meet John & Tiger

Tiger, nicknamed Ty for short, is the sweetest 2 year old cattle dog/shepherd mix! He absolutely loves to train and is very focused on his job –being a psychiatric service dog. He rocked the service dog program and was successfully matched with  

John is a US Navy veteran that proudly served our Country. Following John’s service, he recognized that he would benefit from having s service animal and that’s when he found STS. 

Ty and John graduated in December 2021 after 7+ months of handler training and education. John was a very committed student and always looked forward to his sessions with bud boy. They are a special match and John has shared the life-changing impact Ty has made. 

Ty is a pleaser and is head over tails with John. He goes everywhere with John and when at home, he follows him around checking in to be sure he’s got his dad’s back. He loves to cuddle and makes us all smile. 

Ty’s journey through our program was generously sponsored by the amazing folks at Ensight Foundation. 


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