Meet Dustin & Nigel

“If it wasn’t for Shelter to Soldier, I don’t know if I would still be around. My service dog, Nigel, helps me live a normal life by mitigating my Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) symptoms. Shelter to Soldier saved both of our lives.”

Nigel, generously sponsored by UNITE Hair, graduated with his veteran, Dustin Potash, US Army in January 2021. Nigel is a spunky and goofy pit bull mix who loves his job as Dustin’s psychiatric service dog. We adopted Nigel from our friends at Labs & More Rescue out of San Diego, CA.

Dustin is not only a service dog recipient, but has joined our team as our Veteran Advocate, helping veterans through the application process, supporting veterans through our program and beyond, and assisting with veteran outreach throughout the Southern California region.


Every dollar helps us fulfill our mission of saving lives, two at a time™

Supporting our mission allows us to rescue more dogs for our program, and provides the funding we need to support all of their needs from medical care to safe housing over the course of their 12-18 month training program and subsequent training with their veteran handler.

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